Environmental Management Policy

1. Mission Statement

Motor City Stamping, Incorporated (here referred to as MCSi) is committed to protecting the environment, health and safety of its employees. The scope of the EMS is metal stamping, welding, and assembly at 47781, 47783, and 47825 N. Gratiot, Chesterfield Township, Michigan. MCSi is committed to continual improvement in its environmental, health and safety management systems.

2. Guiding Principles

  1. MCSi is committed to conduct its business in a manner which meets applicable environmental health and safety legislation, regulations, and other requirements to which MCSi subscribes, including ISO 14001-04, based upon the environmental and safety aspects of its activities and products.
  2. MCSi is committed to establish objectives and targets for its environmental management system and measure its performance against those objectives and targets.
  3. MCSi is committed to pursue prevention of pollution programs and reduce waste that flows from its metal stamping and welding processes.
  4. MCSi will provide a copy of its environmental policy to all sub contractors whose service to MCSi may impact the environment.
  5. MCSi communicates this environmental policy to its employees.
  6. MCSi will provide a copy of its policy to any member of the public upon written request addressed to the attention of the management representative.
Sample significant aspects from the product and activities of Motor City Stamping include proper disposal of florescent light fixtures; aerosol cans; batteries; empty paint cans; waste oil; and water. Sample environmental objectives include a variety of recycling, such as office paper and cardboard.